Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we know we can trust YOU?

Good question, we're so glad you asked! We want you to be assured of your safety and security when connecting your spaces to MyPermissions. We do not save any personally identifiable information, nor do we save your credentials or passwords.
We do not store IP addresses and we cannot and do not track, see, or save your web browsing.

2. How does MyPermissions Cleaner work?

The MyPermissions cleaner scans your apps permissions by reading these settings from your online services. It uses your existing sessions and requires you to be signed in to these services.
We do not collect or store any personal information about you or your browsing history.

3. Does MyPermissions store my passwords when I log in?

We do not save ANY Personally Identifiable Information, nor do we save your credentials or passwords.

4. Why do we ask you for your email?

We use your email address to identify you, and to send you email alerts, reminders and occasional newsletters and announcements regarding MyPermissions.

5. Why am I being asked to sign in to online services?

MyPermissions does not store your credentials. If you are already signed in, MyPermissions will be able to scan your permissions or direct you to the requested online service to manage your permissions. If you are not signed it, MyPermissions will not be able to scan your permissions, therefore will redirect you to the sign in page of the relevant online service.

6. I don’t use some of the services, what should I do?

Simply don’t click on the service’s icon. Click on the icons of the services you do use.

7. How can I remove MyPermissions?

MyPermissions is a browser add-on. Every browser allows you to remove add-ons.
Please drop us a note if you are not satisfied, it will help us get better!

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome icon (top right corner).
2. Choose Tools->Extensions
3. Go to MyPermissions Cleaner
4. Unmark the Enabled option to disable the add-on, or click on the Trash icon to completely remove it

1. Click Tools->Add-ons
2. Click on MyPermissions Cleaner
3. Click Disable to disable the add-on, or click Remove to complete remove it

Internet Explorer
1. Go to Control Panel
2. On Windows 7 & 8, choose Uninstall a program. On Windows XP, go to Add/Remove Programs
3. Click on MyPermissions Cleaner
4. Click Uninstall

1. Go to Settings (the Gear icon).
2. Click on Preferences.
3. Go to Extensions.
4. Click on MyPermissions.
5. Click Uninstall.

8. Why do I need to sign up to MyPermissions? What information do you store?

MyPermissions asks you to sign up to remember which apps you trusted we want to keep consistency with future scans and keep the list of your trusted apps.
We do not save ANY Personally Identifiable Information, nor do we save your credentials or passwords.

9. How can I delete my account?

We keep accounts only for users who signed up with MyPermissions.
We don't, and never will, sell or rent your private information with any 3rd party.

Should you ever wish to close your MyPermissions account, we'll be sad to see you leave, but will try to make it as easy as possible for you.
To close your account, use with the email address you used to sign up. We will also delete all of your personal information from our records.

10. What happens when I remove an app?

When you choose to remove an app, MyPermissions deletes your app from the online service . Should you wish to use the application or sign in to the website, all you’ll need to do is re-connect. For most apps, if you choose to re-use it, your settings will be saved.

11. I trusted an app and now I don’t see it in my trusted apps list, why?

You can see your trusted apps only if you signed up to MyPermissions and currently signed in. If you are not signed in to MyPermissions, we are unable to retrieve any information on your previous visits, including trusted apps. Please make sure you are signed in to MyPermissions. If not, sign in at

12. Are you using browser cookies?

You can learn more about cookies here. We track the usage of our service in an anonymous and aggregated manner so that we can make it better. NO personally identifiable information is kept.