ABOUT MyPermissions

MyPermissions believes that the access to personal information should be a conscious and controlled choice.

MyPermissions is a team of people who deeply love the internet. We are passionate about the innovative ideas and platforms that reshape the way we communicate with each other on a global scale.

We respect companies rights to build apps, and monetize those apps, and we want to support them doing so in a way that won’t damage trust with end users. We think that people are generally excited to experiment with new technologies, but that they appreciate (and deserve) transparency about just how the company plans to utilize or monetize their personal information.

It should be just as easy to review and remove permission we’ve given as it was to grant it in the first place. We have products and services that cater to both developer and user side concerns so that we can all coexist in this new space confidently in control of what is ours.

MyPermissions empowers users to monitor and control the access to their personal information on mobile devices and online. We have built a suite of security tools for protecting personal privacy online, including a free mobile app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, and a Web browser plugin that gives users real-time alerts whenever a new application connects. MyPermissions monitors all connected applications across social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox and more. We give users control over the data that apps are able to access. MyPermissions protects users from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information, and allows them to approve or revoke what apps access their data, and how.

The company has mapped and analyzed more than 2.1 Million apps to date. The analysis is focused on what private data the apps use and how they utilize it. The mapping results have created the (world’s largest) repository all around privacy protection of users. This database is being updated constantly.
In order to make the information easy to use, MyPermissions has created a privacy risk score, providing users and developers alike an indication on how intrusive the app is with regards to personal information, according to its function.

The MyPermissions suite of tools takes us all into the future working together to make the Internet a safe and secure place for us all.